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Our goal & philosophy 

The plastic waste will take forever to decompose, it affects and threatens human health and pollutes the ocean. DerShen, as plastic recycling company, has more social responsibility on  recycling and reusing.

Post Consumer plastic waste With rising concern in recycling and global awareness of environmental pollution, more brand products request supply chains to add few percents of recycled material in products, especially, Post- consumer plastics. To avoid burning waste in incinerator generates hazardous air pollution, and create circular enomony,  our goal is enhance recycling efficiency, build up well- waste management and recycling system. 

Ocean plastic waste- in recent years people become aware of damages from marine debris, mostly, ocean plastic waste, it impacts severely on marine ecosystem crises. In Taiwan the beach cleanup activities, we find plastics waste volume is number one among others. Collect ocean plastic to make something new and valuable products is our sustainable business target as "turn waste into gold". 


Company history

DerShen trading Co., established in 2006, is a leading plastic recycling co., our sources contain PIR (Post- Industrial recycled) materials, they are byproducts and runners from  manufacture sectors, and PCR (Post- Consumer recycled) materials, discarded plastic from consumers, such as PET bottles, household plastic products, electric and electronic appliances.  For eco-friendly environment, DerShen is committed to promote PCR, it's at our heart to prevent plastic pollution and protect our earth for sustainable living. 

Our plastic items include ABS, PS, PC/ABS, PP, PE, POM, TPR, TPU ..etc. We also provide full service at customers' sites, helping on sorting, sheddering, grinding and selecting, we constantly create our value and modern recycling technology. We also can provide sustainability certificates for recycled materials.



Our business concept is to promote “Zero- Net” green life, and sustainable consumption. We help customers to transform Zero- net, and collect PCR materials to create carbon neutral, and circular economy business model. With years' experience we can suggest suitable recycled material. More products around us are made by recycled material, more brands are committed to eco-friendly product to avoid negative environment impact.