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Net Zero-Core Competence

Zero Net Emissions

Due to the rise of climate change, environmental protection is responsibility of all the enterprises, the policy of Zero-net emission has become business goal for sustanability. Zero means reducing emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases. There are 2 ways : energy transition and industrial transformation. 55% carbon emissions come from energy manufacturing and consumption, now many big enterprises started to develop green & renewable energy.  Another 45% come from resource consumed and products manufactured, therefore,  minimizing use of resource and replace raw material by recycled is the way to achieve circular economy.  According to Paris agreement in 2015, the main goal is to control global temperature rise and stop global warming , prevent climate crisis from getting more serious. In order to achieve “ Zero Net in 2050”, enterprises play key roles. There are already many enterprises joining global supply chains for international brands, carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions requested to evalute their business sustainability. Zero net is not only environmental issue but also crucial for business competitiveness. Even now small companies follow this trend cause sustainability and carbon reduction is essential business target. DerShen can provide customers green material suggestion by sustainability principal. From material selection to finished goods, we can provide carbon footprint certificate by request.