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2023 ‧ 03 - 20

plastic free seas- coastal cleanup

Ocean plastic pollution is threatening the marine ecosystems, its top issue being discussed globally since the rise of environmentally awareness. Taiwan is an island surrounding by seas, we can’t stay out of the problem. DerShen considers how important the sustainability of environment,  save ocean from plastic pollution crises by supporting beach cleanup activities. We cooperate with business partner to engage in collecting of ocean plastic waste in several outlying islands near taiwan, such as, Penghu, Kinmen, and Lianjiang County.  We established DerHsin Plastic Co. in 2018 to extend business scope, and develop methods for green transformation, it is way of business to generate growth on multiple products while protecting the resource and earth toward sustainability. We can customized design products by recycled ocean plastic waste, apply ocean styrofoam PS, and ocean PET to general household products, electrical and electronics appliances, and computer accessories, monitors, and keyboards etc.


circular economy to plastic

03 - 20 ‧ 2023


To promote recycle and reuse

03 - 07 ‧ 2023