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Reduce Carbon Emission

Climate Change

Climate change affects all regions around the world. The combustion of fossil fuel, coal and oil generates the biggest carbon dioxide emissions, this leads to global warming and extreme weather. The vast greenhouse gas emissions is covering the earth, traps the sun's heat to cause "greenhouse effect", it is disrupting usual balance of nature, it brings a lot of risks to human being such as drought, rainstorm, heat wave, forest fires. Furthermore, it causes Sea- levels rising, glacial melting, it submerged lowlands and drowned the coasts. The plastics almost entirely are made by oil and gas, it takes million of years to form. Reduction of plastic is to avoid resource exhaustion. During produced and burned plastic will release CO2 to atmosphere, so reduction of plastic can stop threats to climate. The recycled plastic emits carbon about 70% less than raw material.  128 countries have pledged to go net-zero by 2050, many major enterprises also announced the plan to push supply chains for carbon neutral or carbon negative by 2030. In order to know if carbon neutral achieved of a product life cycle have to calculate carbon footprint. The definition of Carbon Footprint is total measurement of greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere of a product from materials to finished goods.