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Zero Waste Circular Economy

Circular Economy

The traditional economy growth is linear model, where raw materials are collected and transformed into products that consumers use until discarding them as waste, after all, the resource is exhausted and nature environment is disrupted. Circular economy is under sustained business model to establish resource management. The purpose is to reduce environmental impact on products over the entire life cycle from producing , consuming and dumping. The definition of Circular Economy is extension of lifespan of products, the recycling, and eco-design processes. In recent years, circular economy is business future and targets, products are designed to use recycled or renewable materials, and easy to disassemble, to achieve zero waste, zero net. In order to manufacture  eco-friendly product, it's crucial to reduce overpackaged, and single-use packages. Recycling or  remanufacturing also boost economy and create more job opportunities. Pursuing circular economy, depending on how material designed and planned to increase sustainability. DerShen cooperates with reprocessed factory, participates in recycling technology to improve quality, we forcus on the coexistence of economy development and appropriate resources. Circular economy 3 R means: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.